101 Tips for Parenting Teenagers Or “Who Messed Up My Kid?”

101 Tips for Parenting Teenagers Or

HELP IS HERE! To the parent of a teenager, there are no sweeter words than these. Help is here! This book is the one I wish I had read 29 years ago, when my first child turned 13. Since then, I have parented twelve children careening through their teen years, the twilight zone period between thirteen and eighteen years of age. Whether you think of this time period as ‘The Never Ending Story’, ‘Mission Impossible’, or ‘Walking Through the Valley of the Shadow of Debt’, it is not only possible for you to survive your child’s teenage years, but to build a solid adult relationship with them. This book contains 101 ideas that can help you navigate the teenage minefield! As parents, we think we always need to have the right answer, and have everything figured out. Then life happens. There is no way to plan a perfect response to the unexpected. It is essential to be hard on some things and soft on others. Confident, yet understanding. Accessible, yet discreetly invisible. You need to be as firm as a drill sergeant and as flexible as a yoga instructor. You need to use all of the experience you’ve gathered over the years, but never forget what it was like to be a teenager. Parenting teenagers is not for the faint of heart and nobody gets it right all the time. The good news is this: You are already an exceptional parent! In fact, I would guess that you are in the upper percentile of good parents! I say that confidently because you are taking positive measures to improve your parenting skills by shopping for books such as this. This book is by no means the tell all or end all of parenting books, but rather, a collection of useful tips from my nearly thirty years of parenting teenagers. I would also guess that you are already doing a lot of things right! We all make mistakes, and mine have been mercifully left out of this book, saved for another larger volume to be written later. Or not. 101 Tips For Parenting Teenagers Or “Who Messed Up My Kid?” will help you avoid some of th

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