Facts About ADHD Children – Tips For ADHD Parenting

Facts About ADHD Children - Tips For ADHD Parenting

Do you need a fast, easy to read book about ADHD children which gives you the answers, rather than raise even more questions? Are you tired of reading masses of information about this childhood disorder which has been so hyped up? Facts About ADHD Children will take you through the essentials you need to know. You will quickly find answers about what causes ADHD and what to look out for in getting an ADHD test, the limitations of ADHD medications and the advantages of a more natural approach.

Even more challenging are those books on parenting ADHD which tell you how to go about getting behavior therapy which scares off a lot of parents. All you need are simple effective ADHD parenting tips. That is why the sub title of this book is Tips for ADHD Parenting. Follow the practical suggestions to start making simple effective changes to your family life without wasting time on expensive therapy or counselling. There are useful sections on helping to learn social skills and how to approach homework.

Learn how to enjoy family life again while giving your child the essential tools he or she needs. By following the steps in this straightforward guide, coping with life skills and acquiring social skills will become much easier for your child with ADHD.

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