Babies in Mind

Babies in Mind

Babies in Mind will help you and your baby through the beautiful – but sometimes bumpy – road of infancy and early parenthood. Find out how to handle sleep difficulties, excessive crying and feeding problems. Discover what postnatal depression is really about and what to do if you are feeling anxious, stressed or depressed. Learn about what stresses your baby out, what she needs from you and why.

You are given no special training or expertise in order to become a parent, although you are biologically equipped to have children from your teens onwards. You—like everyone—carry psychological baggage from your own unique baby and childhood experiences. Some of this baggage might create difficulties in your own parenting. Although I believe that most people should not be told how to parent, I think it could benefit your child psychologically, both now and in the long term, if you knew certain things about your baby’s mind and internal world.

The type of environment that babies are exposed to plays a huge role in how their brains will ultimately be wired. Neuroscientific research is now revealing the way in which adverse experiences in infancy cause lifelong alterations in brain functioning. The implications of this are that if your baby is stressed out now, she could develop a heightened vulnerability to stressors throughout life. Her brain becomes permanently wired to be on the alert – to react as though she were in danger. This book aims to make you more conscious and aware of your baby’s mind so that you can help give your baby what she needs in order to grow into a psychologically robust and healthy individual.

I hope that after reading this book, you will be able to set aside the parenting rules and instead tune into your baby. The moment-by-moment, ongoing exchanges, encounters and communications between you and your baby will help her create her own template for relating to herself and the world in the years to come. There is much focus these days on getting babies to sleep, putting them on routines, and stimulating them to make them clever. While these are perhaps important to some extent, what is much more important is that you create an emotionally safe environment for your baby so that she learns about trust. Establishing trust is the crucial psychological task of infancy.

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Gina Ford’s Top Tips For Contented Babies & Toddlers

Gina Ford's Top Tips For Contented Babies & Toddlers

Gina Ford’s Top Tips for Contented Babies & Toddlers offers readers sound, practical advice from bestselling parenting expert Gina Ford in a new concise format – ideal for busy parents on the go. Gina Ford guides parents through the various stages of baby and toddler care, including sleeping, weaning, feeding, potty training and behavioral development. By breaking down these areas into succinct, accessible tips, Gina outlines how best to tackle them and describes what further problems parents might encounter. She puts forward an insight into her tried and tested routines with an introductory guide to understanding her methods, including what to aim for and what parents can hope to achieve by them. Gina’s top tips include invaluable advice on:

-dealing with common problems such as fussy eaters, nightmares and tantrums
-successful breastfeeding and bottle-feeding
-helping children meet essential milestones, such as learning to walk, talk or dress themselves, at a pace which is right for them
And much more!

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It’s Twins! Now What?: Tips, Advice and Real-life Experience to Help You from Pregnancy through to Your Babies’ First Year

It's Twins! Now What?: Tips, Advice and Real-life Experience to Help You from Pregnancy through to Your Babies' First Year

Whether twins are a delightful surprise or a bolt from the blue, one thing is certain: your life will never be the same again. Packed with tips and anecdotes from fellow parents of twins, as well as advice from professionals, this go-to guide will help you prepare for, survive and enjoy your first year with twins.

Provides tips on all the essential topics, including:
► Preparing for the arrival of your twins
► Premature birth
► Identical twins
► Establishing healthy sleep and feeding routines
► Getting out and about
► Twin health and development
► What it means to be a twin

And much more!

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