The Parenting Project: Highly Effective Parenting Tips and Advice for Natural and Foster Parents

The Parenting Project: Highly Effective Parenting Tips and Advice for Natural and Foster Parents

This book is the ultimate parent guide for natural and foster parents alike. You may not believe you’re able to become a better parent online but this is your shot. This book is filled with parenting advice, tips, skills and most importantly a unique parenting style. The wisdom in this book comes from years of experience working and developing positive parenting strategy with over 100 kids in emergency foster care as well as having a natural child of my own. Being a parent to both a natural child and foster children has given me a unique perspective and has nurtured a creative parenting style that works and share it with all receptive parents. Through many children, many years and many failures, I intend to share what truly works long term to this day. I intend to spike your learning curve quickly and let you learn from my mistakes. While all children may be different, certain principles and tactics work all the same fueling their individual child development and success. I am relentless and excited to share with you what has and continues to produce positive results.
This is also a thank you, for the countless foster youth who have changed my life for the better. To those who revealed in me things I didn’t know about myself. To those who created growth and love inside my heart that will never pass away. I will tell them what it is your fellow brothers and sisters have cried out in need for. I will reveal to them the treasure in you. For all of this, I am eternally grateful.

If you are someone who is interested in the commitment of foster parenting. I would first like to commend you on your passion to mold the life of a young person who may have not been dealt a fair hand. Whether you are a long-time foster parent with decades of experience under your belt, or are just curious about the possibility of taking on this internally rewarding cause, we are all connected in the pursuit of something far greater than ourselves. Your interest in this type of work reveals that you already have the first and greatest key to your success: compassion.

This choice will cause you to live outside of your own little world and you will forever be changed. If you love what you’re doing and you allow that same love to flood the lives of those who have never experienced it, you will never be forgotten. Your love will live forever; this I guarantee you.

What many don’t know is that my mother was a flight risk foster child who bounced around from home to home. She passed through and went AWOL from where I have worked for the past five years. This closeness to the heart is what ultimately inspired me to develop my passion and choose this work. My passion is now a testament to the redeeming power of a life forever changed by Mr. Hackett and foster parents like you.

My mother never had a birthday or knew a home she didn’t run from until you bridged the gap and made her feel loved. Your dedication reached further into generations than you ever could have imagined. It’s time your commitment is recognized as I eagerly await the days grown children and their children return to me on solid ground.

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